Durante Lambert


Artistic Director

A native of Portland, Oregon, Durante Lambert, first got the urge to become a professional dancer and choreographer at the age of 12 when he became a principle dancer for the Northwest Afrikan American Ballet (NWAAB) under the Artistic Direction of Bruce Smith. For 7 years he traveled throughout the US and Europe performing and sharing their art. NWAAB gave Durante the opportunity to perform a month long tour in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Fringe Festival. 

     Now this accomplished dancer/choreographer still uses the creativity and individualism he gained with NWAAB as inspiration to create and share through dance. In 2000-2001, Durante was also part of the famed Jefferson Dancers in Portland, under the Artistic Direction of Steve Gonzales; where he traveled across the country performing and training in Ballet, Jazz, African and Modern with some of the top choreographers in the world. He continues to give back by choreographing African and Hip Hop pieces for the Jefferson Dancers.       

     Durante also danced for WNBA Portland Fire Jam Squad & Portland Trail Blazers Hip Hop Squad.

    Durante has trained in Los Angeles, CA with many well known choreographers and was also selected to debut his Choreographic work at the famous Carnival, Choreographer’s Ball

     Durante’s first love is his dance company, LYFE Dance Company, formally known as The Detail. As the Artistic Director for LYFE, he continues creating and choreographing energetic and exciting pieces that are performed for a wide range of audiences.

     In 2000 he began with “Urban Shock,” and then co-founded “Portland Dance Project” with Trent Barry in 2003. In 2005 The Detail would shape and perform throughout the pacific Northwest and California. In 2014 LYFE Dance Company was born, debuting "Delirium" at The Imago Theatre. With continuous love and support from friends and family Durante has taken The Detail on an ever evolving journey providing incredible performances and learning opportunities/experiences for his dancers. Durante shares his insane drive with his company and students always supporting their success. His dedication fills studios and auditions with the amazing dancers featured in his shows. You can find him teaching classes all over the Northwest. 

     Durante continues dancing, choreographing and providing inspired dancers a chance to perform and express through movement.